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Here’s a quick TV interview Jan did for her show in Fresno, CA. Baby Boomer Comedy Show

And here’s a link to a radio interview Comedian Jan just did for Dr Paul’s Family Talk Radio

Here’s a radio interview with Jan McInnis for her appearance at the Essence of Red event in Terre Haute, Indiana!

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Convention Comedian By Jan McInnis FL

Just published – Jan’s second book!

APRIL/MAY 2017 Humor Keynotes and Comedy Shows

Comedian and professional speaker Jan McInnis will present her hilarious keynotes to groups in Kansas, Idaho, and Georgia, and beyond! McInnis is a veteran of the stage whose keynotes are filled with humor but also have great content and practical tips that attendee can take away and apply to their career and even their personal life.

Jan will also be performing her “Baby Boomer Comedy Show; Clean Comedy For People Born Before Seat Belts, Safety Helmets and Facebook” with fellow comedian Kent Rader in theatres in Georgia, Nebraska, Kansas, and Florida. Here are the show times and dates:


April 21 & 22, 2017 – The Grand Theatre, Salt Lake City, UT

These events are open to the public. www.BabyBoomerComedyShow.com

Jan will also be presenting her keynotes throughout the country from Oregon to Illinois, and Orlando, Michigan to Appleton, WI, Texas and more.

Jan McInnis is a 20-year veteran comedian, comedy writer and keynote speaker who started out on the comedy club circuit and now specializes in comedy shows and humor keynotes for corporations and associations. She was featured in the Wall Street Journal as one of the top convention comedians whose act is clean and in the Washington Post for her clean humor writing. She has also written freelance for everyone from the Tonight Show monologue with Jay Leno to hundreds of radio stations, greeting cards, a syndicated cartoon strip, websites, CEOs and even guests on the Jerry Springer Show (her parents are proud!).

For More Information contact Jan McInnis, 800-492-9394,
Email: Jan McInnis