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Cats versus Dogs

A Comedian’s Take
Part 2

–By Jan McInnis, Comedian and Keynote Speaker

Which brings me to my next revelation: dogs don’t inherently know where to go to the bathroom. I bought some of those blue “pee pads” so the dog would go in the house when I’m gone. So far the only one using them is ME. It’s not what you think. . . I step from pad to pad to avoid the surprise wet areas on the floor. Cats were practically birthed in the litter box. Score one for the cats.

Dogs are great conversation pieces though. At my last party, since adopting Dalalhia, much of me and my friends’ conversation revolved around stories about our dogs eating the garbage, what our breed likes to do, and how we adopted our dogs (I play down the whole “it started with kidnapping Figphyllis” thing). Conversations about cats are limited to “I’ve got a cat.” “Me too.” Rarely do we even discuss the color or “breed.” Score one for the dogs.

Cats have pride. They will claw your eyes out before they let you put a Halloween costume on them . . . ask me how I know this. Dogs will let you do it, sort of. Delalila was not thrilled with the baby seal outfit I bought her.  . . I ended up turning her into a horse complete with Barbie doll rider. She was better with that. . .it lasted 10 minutes. So I’d have to say it’s a draw on Halloween costumes. The only species that really likes them is little human kids or adults trying to be funny.

So what’s the verdict? Am I a cat person who loves dogs or a dog person who loves cats? Maybe I’m both: a DAT Person? (Dog-cat = DAT. Another term I just made up.) I’m not sure as I’m still doing “research” as we speak (while writing this article, I’ve gotten up twice to walk the dog. . . and while I was gone the cat scratched up my favorite chair).

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