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Caught in a Wood Chipper

Keynote speaking at it’s best! Part 2

–By Jan McInnis, Comedian and Keynote Speaker

way. In fact the only time we didn’t scream was while walking on the two million degree hot coals. Yeah, that’s part of the. . . er, ah. . .“attraction” to the event. I gathered that the point in doing this was not to give you a skill for your next BBQ (“Hey look everyone! See what I can do!”), but rather to show you the power of your mind – how you can get yourself in a state of mind to do anything. It’s quite amazing and it works.

Aside from dancing around on hot coals, I learned that all the “rah rah”- ing had an actual purpose. One of his many points (and I’m paraphrasing here) is that information without emotion is not retained as well. So if you learn something and then create emotion (“rah rah”-ing), you’ll remember it. This is good news as my humor keynotes have some great tips and lots of laughs…so people (hopefully) remember the tips!

He also gave us nutrition advice. The downside was that we were at a convention center with limited access to tofu and fresh avocados. Five hours into listening about my crappy diet, I snuck out to get us some lunch. . . after paying the snack bar cashier, she told me she was out of bags. I said “I can’t go back into a nutrition seminar openly carrying three chicken Caesar wraps and a large bag of sea salt potato chips!” – she laughed and found me a bag! I shouldn’t have felt so bad though. . . later during the break, the line for the caramel corn was huge, which shows that it’s easier to understand something intellectually than to actually put it into practice.

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