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Cleaning Out The Closet – Comedy in Strange Places – Part 2

No, the real “hot” items that we all wanted were things like Mom’s beat up, paint-chipped, green biscuit warmer that non-family members would be afraid to eat biscuits out of. We held a raffle in Mom’s Christmas dish, and Brenda won it; she’s now obligated to serve us biscuits in it on demand. And speaking of Christmas, there were tons of Christmas decorations! We each left with more carolers than a church choir, enough Santas to choke a herd of reindeer, and don’t get me started on snowmen!


In my keynote I talk about when you’re faced with a tough task, find a way to make it fun to you! We did just that. We also got schooled on the practical aspects of selling stuff, like “don’t throw anything out.” Sage advice from the estate sale person because, according to her, people will buy even a quarter-full bottle of Windex if they can get it for a nickel! Yes, there is a market for everything.


And we also learned some lessons that we can use in our lives by closing up my parents’ lives, namely:


  • Use your stuff. Drink out of the crystal, wear that leather coat in the rain, and eat off the china. Instead of being bummed out that there wasn’t a Van Gogh behind the couch, I think we all agreed that we’re glad much of Mom and Dad’s stuff was used up. They got to enjoy it.


  • Choose memories over money. Had we found gold bullion, we still would have been more tense over who got the biscuit warmer. A lot of great breakfasts came out of that warmer.


  • Be fair. We all have great memories of the same items. So if someone really wants something, let them have it. You really can enjoy it at their house.


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