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Cleaning Out The Closet – Comedy in Strange Places – Part 3

  • Tell the story. We wish we knew the story behind some of the pictures and knickknacks that my parents kept, but we don’t. So if you’ve got five tea cups from Mackinac Island, tell your family how you got them or why you kept them. They’ll appreciate it, because you can’t count on coming back to explain things to them in a vision.


So I challenge you to find a way to turn whatever tough task you’re grappling with into a pleasant, memorable experience. I’m lucky because I can’t think of any other people that I would want to go through this “adventure” with than my siblings. We’ve always been great friends (once we got out of the teen years!), so this project was not as awful as it could’ve been.


My parents always said they wanted to make sure they left us four kids with something, and they did. . . a wonderful connection with each other. And thankfully this connection doesn’t take up any room in our closets!


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