Jan McInnis – The Work Lady®

Communicating in a Perfect World

A Comedian’s Take On Communications

Part 3

–By Jan McInnis, Comedian and Keynote Speaker

Then Facebook came through to save the day to help us communicate with everyone about everything. And as it turns out, we neither want nor need to know everything about everyone. I mean, I’ve enjoyed re-connecting with people. I found long lost friends whom I hadn’t spoken to in years. We got to be friends again and all was right with the world. Unfortunately, along with those good friends came the “other” friends. You know, the ex-boyfriend who weighs 300 pounds more than when I dated him and has a picture of himself sitting in the same bar we drank at 30+ years ago – yeah, he found me. I also get friend requests from people I don’t even know because I think they think there’s a grand prize when you reach 5,000 friends. “Junk mail” has made it to Facebook. And when you have a status change such as “in a relationship” to “single” do you want to let the entire nation know about it? Apparently you will if you don’t press the right button so that everyone you’ve ever known doesn’t see your status update. I understand people have divorced over status changes.

I was recently hiking Glacier National Park where there is no cell or internet service. It was nice to disconnect from everything, but a little hard to relax knowing I’d be hit with 200,000 messages when I got back “in range.”

I think what we need is not more ways to communicate, but ways to make sure our communications are more clear. I’ve decided my cat Rader is probably the best communicator of all because he only has two methods: pawing the air and drooling. When he wants to be petted he sits on his hind legs and waves his front paws in the air like he’s Marcel Marceau the famous mime trying to get out of a box. Then when you pet him, he drools to show that he likes it. Waving and drooling. . . too bad all communication isn’t this simple.

About the Author – Jan McInnis is a keynote speaker, comedian and comedy writer. She has shared her customized humor keynotes with thousands of associations and corporations. She is also the author of “Finding the Funny FAST; How To Create Quick Humor To Connect With Clients, Coworkers And Crowds,” and “Convention Comedian: Stories and Wisdom From Two Decades of Chicken Dinners and Comedy Clubs.” Jan was featured in the Wall Street Journal,the Washington Post, and the Huffington Post for her clean humor. From a recent client: “Our group really enjoyed the (communications) presentation and the chance to laugh – sometimes at ourselves.  I think Jan highlighted so many great ways to fit humor into our jobs that we often don’t consider (and) some very effective strategies for using humor in appropriate ways as professionals.”