Jan McInnis – The Work Lady®

“How I Launched My Comedy Career Because Of $39

Bucks” Listening To Your Inner Voice

Part 3

I’m telling this story not just to impress you that I can walk away from $39 bucks (I still pick up pennies on the sidewalk), but to remind you that you have more power than you think you do. And when your gut is screaming at you to do something, even though it goes against what your head is telling you, maybe you should listen to your gut anyway. My mom used to say that “Things always work out fine. . .” and I’ve added “. . .and usually better than you expect.” I truly believe that with all of my heart.

We’ve got a new year ahead and there are a lot of CBs still out there. Here’s to listening to your inner voice this year so that you can thoroughly enjoy what comes your way!

About the Author. . . Jan McInnis is a comedian, comedy writer and keynote speaker who has shared her customized humor keynotes with thousands of associations and corporations. She is also the author of “Finding the Funny FAST; How To Create Quick Humor To Connect With Clients, Coworkers And Crowds,” and   “Convention Comedian: Stories and Wisdom From Two Decades of Chicken Dinners and Comedy Clubs.” Jan was featured in the Wall Street Journal, the Washington Post, and the Huffington post for her clean humor.

From a recent client: “On our evaluations, people really welcomed you as a speaker. I thought it worked out well, for you to demonstrate all those humor techniques on us (the audience); then tell the audience what you just did in the form of the main tips you just demonstrated. One other idea for the future: Have people do a “reality check” on their own state of mind towards the end of your presentation. On evaluations, people implied that they felt “lighter”; more ready to receive information for the rest of the day.”