Jan McInnis – The Work Lady®

Looping Through Life

A Comedian’s Observations

– Part 3

–By Jan McInnis, Comedian and Keynote Speaker


Surprises loop closings, like finding your 70’s sunglasses 3 decades later, are the best. Many years ago after working the road in comedy clubs, I started moving into the convention arena. The crowds were more my style (read: sober), the hours were better because of no late shows (when someone asked Steve Martin why he got out of comedy clubs, he said “Friday, second show.” They are tough!), and the travel was shorter – no more 3 months on the road at one stretch. One of my first convention gigs was at a conference in Las Vegas at a hotel whose name I had never heard of. I thought no big deal, my comedy career had prepared me for no name hotels – I once worked at a comedy club located in a Ramada hotel and the club owner was so cheap that when the R fell off the hotel marquis, she changed the name of the hotel to the Amada so she didn’t have to buy an “R”. True! So at this Vegas no name hotel I kind of wondered if these convention gigs might be the same accommodations as the comedy gigs. The clerk was very nice and as he handed me the room keys, for some reason, out of the blue he blurted out “you are gonna like this hotel, it’s just like the Fairmont.” At that moment, I thought “I’M BACK!” I had closed that loop, and it was a nice surprise!


About the Author . . . Jan McInnis is an American Comedian, Comedy Writer and Keynote Speaker who has shared her customized humor keynotes with thousands of associations and corporations. She is also the author of “Finding the Funny FAST; How To Create Quick Humor To Connect With Clients, Coworkers And Crowds,” and “Convention Comedian: Stories and Wisdom From Two Decades of Chicken Dinners and Comedy Clubs.” She was featured in the Huffington Post, the Wall Street Journal and the Washington Post for her clean humor.


From a recent client: “Jan did a great job in bringing the right mood to the ‘Celebrate’ portion of our Women in Business Conference. She helped us all find the funny!”