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Perfecting Nothing

Sticking to comedy and humor keynotes is not enough me!

Part 2

–By Jan McInnis, Comedian and Keynote Speaker

Luckily I knew a short cut that lopped off five miles, so we zipped over there and inadvertently found ourselves out in front. People were applauding from the sidelines. I felt a little guilty, but since it wasn’t a race (yes, we PAID to have this kind of fun), we waved back. I realized then that cross-country biking may be a bit out of my reach. We’ve since done the ride twice with no shortcuts, but I doubt I’ll ever be able to zoom across country for 3000 miles.

I’m also a drummer and was in a band. Okay, the word “marching” was in front of the word “band.” And the words “high school” and “college” were in front of that, so it really doesn’t equate with drumming for Led Zeppelin. But if you want to hear a great marching cadence or perhaps the theme to “Hawaii Five-O,” I’m your gal. I still enjoy playing the drums, but they haven’t seen the outside of my garage in years.

Skiing is another hobby that I’ve spent my free time not perfecting. When I started 30 years ago, I bought an expensive pair of professional skis that I thought I would “grow into.” The only thing the skis grew into were antiques. After all these years, I still keep to the blue (medium) slopes, though there has been an occasional “Comedian Jan” sighting on a black diamond. . . usually followed by a lot of cursing.

And of course skis aren’t the only way to get around. I’ve always thought motorcycles were beautiful, and have been jealous of the riders zipping around the freeway with ease. I can do that, right? I mean some motorcyclists don’t look like they passed the third grade, so it’s gotta be easy for anyone! Well, not so much. Apparently if you don’t pass third grade, then maybe you ride a motorcycle on major freeways because you have nothing to live for. I do, so I don’t . . ride the freeways, that is. I still ride the motorcycle, but I’ve also gotten into motor scooters as well, and they are more my style: no gears to shift and no 70 miles per hour.

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