Jan McInnis – The Work Lady®

Too Sane For Fame

A Comedian’s Dilemma

Part 3

–By Jan McInnis, Comedian and Keynote Speaker

And there’s also the show in which you spill out your entire embarrassing financial portfolio to a woman who will then berate you on your spending habits and put you on a budget. I’m not talking Suze Orman or Dave Ramsey, I mean a woman who actually lives with you and gives you tasks to learn how to save. That might have been helpful back in my 20s when I was using my credit card to afford groceries, but right now I’d have to go in debt to qualify for that show. Seems too expensive.

My other options for fame on a reality show are to go to prison, or marry a prisoner—no thanks, I’m too claustrophobic for a cell and I don’t think I’d do well in a long-term relationship. Or I could command fame if I drove a truck in ice storms in Alaska (yuck), worked on an oil rig in Texas (double yuck), surrounded myself with rich, fake women friends who secretly loathe me, tried to get a date with a beautiful, insincere person, dug for gold (I’d hate it, and it’s the reason why I don’t have rich women friends), became a nanny (because being childless at my age is a sure sign I’ll take good care of your kids), swapped spouses, renovated my house, or cooked a gourmet meal in 13 minutes. Whew! There are a lot of ways to get famous, and my talents don’t appeal to any of them!

Or maybe it is that these ways don’t appeal to me. Explaining how I got famous by eating duct tape or housing 600 cats in my basement would be more embarrassing than explaining why I still have a Barbie dream house. I don’t want to open my life up like that. But maybe it’s not all about fame anyway, but rather about having fun doing what you do. I enjoy being a comedian — laughing and helping people learn how to use humor, and so if we measure stardom that way, then I can say that I am as successful as Sandra Bullock! So here’s to a great new year having fun and being a hit at whatever it is you do, no matter how many people are watching!

About the Author. . . Comedian, comedy writer and keynote speaker Jan McInnis has shared her customized humor keynotes with thousands of associations and corporations. She is also the author of “Finding the Funny FAST; How To Create Quick Humor To Connect With Clients, Coworkers And Crowds,” and “Convention Comedian: Stories and Wisdom From Two Decades of Chicken Dinners and Comedy Clubs.” Jan was featured in the Huffington Post, the Wall Street Journal and the Washington Post for her clean humor.

From a recent health care client: “. . .they scored your closing session 4.62 out of 5. That is the highest score we’ve received in the past four years for a closing session. . “. So I just wanted to say thank you again. You were a perfect match for our group and they loved you!”