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“You want me to perform comedy where?”

Comedy In Strange Situations – an excerpt from my book

“Convention Comedian: Stories and Wisdom From Two Decades

of Chicken Dinners and Comedy Clubs”

Part 3

–By Jan McInnis, Comedian and Keynote Speaker

And sometimes, the stage is a little more makeshift than I’d like. I did a comedy show at a college, during lunchtime, in which I had to stand on a long, narrow lunch table. These college gigs are called “nooners” because they happen at noon in the cafeteria. Many comedians do them and the comedy-on-a-tabletop is pretty standard. Weird. I don’t know how many decibels the noise level got to that day, but I’m pretty sure no one heard my jokes; the students were more interested in their burgers and fries than my humor. But no one questioned why an almost 40-something woman was standing in their cafeteria on a table. I did my act to the clock. When it struck 45 minutes, I jumped down and left. Now, I do a lot of keynotes at health care events, and they have a term called a “never-event” for a mistake that should have never happened, like operating on the wrong body part or injecting the wrong medication.  I think that term, never-event, sums up these nooners.

In addition to these venues, just a few other off-the-wall comedy settings I’ve told jokes in are:

In a bakery ● on a gigantic bowling alley with people inside gigantic clear bowling balls rolling by me ● in a winery ● outside in a field next to a canal with huge barges going by ● on a floating dock on a lake with the audience on the grass embankment on shore ● at a restaurant while people were eating ●at a restaurant filled with hundreds of statues ● in a multimillion dollar gymnasium with a $20 sound system ● on an aircraft carrier with the wall open behind me so you could see the ocean ● inside a museum, on the steps leading to an exhibit

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