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Keynote Speaker


www.BabyBoomerComedyShow.com – Comedians Kent Rader and Jan McInnis are performing the Baby Boomer Comedy Show – Clean Comedy for People Born Before Seatbelts, Safety Helmets, and Facebook for theaters around the country. Check out the site – if it’s not coming to a theater near you, then send Jan and Kent a note and they’ll contact the theater.

www.KarynsPhotoCreations.com – contact Karyn if you’re in the Sturbridge, MA area and need a GREAT photographer!

great photographer in Michigan –  Katelynn Gaskill, the creator and owner of Mind’s Eyedeas, LLC strives to provide quality and creative portrait photos for any occasion as well as create unique hand made jewelry designs & accessories. She travels throughout Southern Michigan!

Darice Designs – Jan’s webmaster. We have been doing websites for 17 years now and have reasonable prices. We do wordpress, css, html 5, print design, SEO, and also social media.

acolinkirk@gmail.com – if you’re looking for a GREAT editor, then send Andy an email. He edits my newsletter articles and does a wonderful job!

http://www.thebestmanspeech.com/usabestman/display/topical.cfm -Every week Jan writes topical jokes for a wedding toast website. Check it out and put together a great wedding toast yourself. You’ll be the hit of the wedding and you didn’t even pay for the open bar!

Southwest Movers Association – Jan did a show for them – all the movers in the Southwest. Use one of their members if you are moving. . they are reliable, professional, and you won’t have the hassle that Jan did on my cross country move.

Hi-Tech Comedy Interview –  Jan is interviewed about how she uses technology in her career!

www.LeadershipOutfitters.com  Anyone can get your team pumped up and then walk away…Your team then returns to the workplace feeling energized, but without the basics they need to change behavior and grow.  Our programs are designed to enable your team to actively use new ideas, practice new skills, and work in a new way. We assess your needs, develop a customized curriculum, deliver practical tools that your team can use immediately, and provide on-going support that won’t leave you high and dry. . . with offices in Los Angeles, Washington, DC and Boston. For more information, email the team at general@leadershipoutfitters.com“>general@leadershipoutfitters.com

www.kentraderspeaks.com – Kent Rader and Jan are performing the Baby Boomer Comedy Show! Kent has 2 keynotes – one is on humor and stress, and the other is on leadership. He is a former CFO of a hospital and an accountant, but don’t hold that against him – he’s funny!

www.frankkingspeaking.com – Frank King is hilarious!  If you want clean, customized, comedy, and you’ve already booked Jan (okay, even if you haven’t). . . then call Frank!

www.BrettLeake.com – Another hilarious guy!  Jan can’t say enough about this guy . . . so she won’t!  Check out his page and book him now!

www.MonteSelby.com – Education’s songwriter! Dr. Monte Selby is an educator, author, and speaker whose practical and inspiring presentation leaves audiences applauding across North America and Europe. Known as “education’s songwriter,”

www.RoaringWomen.com – Roaring Women is a business organization supporting and promoting Women in Business.  Roaring Women offers member benefits, trusted services and coaches to start a business or help a business get to the next level.