Jan McInnis – The Work Lady®

About Comedian Jan

Comedy was always on my mind. When I was about 10 years old, I declared to my parents that once I turned 16, I was going to “buy a motorcycle, ride cross-country to Los Angeles and become a comedian.” My parents didn’t quite share my “vision” so I ended up graduating from Virginia Tech and having a marketing career for over a decade before getting on stage. Today, 18+ years into my comedy career, I have presented my humor keynotes and comedy shows to thousands of groups, and I’ve been featured in The Wall Street Journal as a top convention comedian whose act is clean and in the Washington Post for my clean comedy writing. I’ve also sold comedy material to just about everyone on the planet—from late night TV shows, to hundreds of radio stations, CEOs and professional speakers.

I enjoy my “job” and life a LOT. I get to work with fun clients (crabby ones please stay away!) and I get to meet so many interesting people. One of the cool things about my career is that I always learn about the group I’m speaking to, so I get to find out about all these cool professions that I never knew existed!

I appreciate you checking out my site, and I’d love to share my humor keynotes with your group. Contact me at Jan@TheWorkLady.com or 800-492-9394.

Oh, yes, I did finally make it cross-country to Los Angeles, where I currently reside, AND I just bought a motorcycle!