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Comedy Articles

Comedy is the easiest form of entertainment

because all you need is a comedian, a mic, some lighting and a stage — no dancing girls or music. BUT comedy can also be the trickiest form of entertainment if it’s not done right!

The comedy articles

on this page will help you set the stage for a successful comedy event, where you can relax and laugh too!

Comedy Articles

Hiring a Comedian – a quick checklist for finding the right comedian for your professional event.

Introducing a Comedian – Don’t just toss the comedian up there and expect that things will be fine. The introduction is important.

Setting the Comedy Stage – Yes comedy isn’t just about having a mic and a stool. Here’s some tips to make the comedy a hit.

Preparing the Comedian – Preparing for the comedy show is more than just giving the comedian your website. Here’s some things you can do to help them understand your company and it’s culture.

3 Reasons Comedians Make You Look Good IF You Hire A Professional Comedian, Not Your Brother-In-Law – Yes you can save $ and not hire a professional comedian – here’s why that’s not a good idea.