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Funny In Change



Change is new buzz word for business. Whether it’s “going green” or the myriad of rules and regulations that govern industry, we are constantly reacting to a new playing field that has us adjusting, amending and altering the way we operate. All of this change causes fear, tension and miscommunication. In this keynote, Jan offers practical tips to help you diffuse tension, kick off tough conversations and facilitate communications through using humor. This keynote is one of Jan’s most popular keynotes, and it combines her humor with practical tips on dealing with change using humor. Your group will walk away laughing and learning as they discover the steps they can take to conquer, and even embrace, change. Comedy is a painless way to learn (and get continuing ed credits!). . . and Jan can help you do it!



Funny In Communications



In order to accomplish anything, you need to be heard and remembered! Humor works. Using humor in both your written and verbal business communications will keep your audience engaged, connect with clients, employees and coworkers, “sell“ your organization, product or service to others, and make your message memorable. This keynote combines Jan’s humor along with some easy-to-implement techniques that anyone can use to inject humor into their communications. Jan has written for everyone from the Tonight Show monologue to radio, greeting cards and CEOs – but this is not just about joke writing. She uses examples from your industry to demonstrate how to create and use humor that works. This is based on her book Finding the Funny FAST: how to create quick humor to connect with clients, coworkers & crowds.



Cubicle Comedy



Clean & customized comedy that focuses on work, family & day-to-day “stuff.” Jan was featured in the Wall Street Journal and the Washington Post for her clean comedy.



Hilarious Hosting With Jan



Whether your event is a half-day or the whole week, keep your attendees INTERESTED  by having Jan emcee. She’s a veteran emcee and she’s done it for all types of events. Give yourself a rest and let Jan run the show!

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