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3 Reasons Comedians Make You Look Good IF

3 Reasons Comedians Make You Look Good IF You Hire A Professional Comedian, Not Your Brother-In-Law

The comedian is backstage, waiting to go on in front of 4400 people. The Biggest Crowd EVER! Excitement, enthusiasm and tension all fill the room. In fact the only thing not in the room is about 1500 dinners. The client is crying. She sends you out to make people laugh through their disappointment. And why wouldn’t they be disappointed? After all, this is their annual employee “appreciation dinner.”

I was that comedian and I can tell you that it took every bit of what I’d learned in 20+ years on the stage to make them laugh and have them forget about the whole food thing. Which brings me to my first point. . .

Professional comedians cover the glitches.
We have the skills to keep the show going over the bumps because we’ve done this thousands of times – we’re familiar with these bumps; we’ve seen ‘em before. Your kinda-funny brother-in-law hasn’t. By hiring him you may have saved money, but there’s no way he’ll be able to save the show.

And we cover the glitches TASTEFULLY. That’s right. . .

Professional comedians don’t go there.
A great opening line for me on that food-less night would’ve been for me to pull the curtain back and say “hey, look, I found ‘em.” It would’ve killed. . . but the meeting planner, you know, your sister-in-law, would’ve had yet another black mark on her name. It would just remind people of what she didn’t give ‘em. Professional comedians cover the glitches without hammering home the point that something went wrong.

Yep, we keep ‘em laughing.

Professional comedians know when to leave ‘em laughing.
Laughter is a GREAT drug, which means many comedian wannabes want to stay on stage way past their due date. Professional comedians leave ‘em laughing. We don’t wait until everyone is on their cellphone, falling asleep or planning their trip to McDonald’s for some food. We finish while the crowd is happy, which makes everyone happy too.

There’s a lot more to comedy than meets the eye. So when it comes to your reputation, your company, and maybe even your job. . . leave it to a professional. A professional comedian that is!

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