Jan McInnis – The Work Lady®

I’m building my links page – check out these people and businesses!


Baby Boomer Comedy Show – Comedians Kent Rader and Jan McInnis are performing the Baby Boomer Comedy Show – Clean Comedy for People Born Before Seatbelts, Safety Helmets, and Facebook for theaters around the country. Check out the site – if it’s not coming to a theater near you, then send Jan and Kent a note and they’ll contact the theater.

www.KarynsPhotoCreations.com – contact Karyn if you’re in the Sturbridge, MA area and need a GREAT photographer!

great photographer in Michigan –  Katelynn Gaskill, the creator and owner of Mind’s Eyedeas, LLC strives to provide quality and creative portrait photos for any occasion as well as create unique hand made jewelry designs & accessories. She travels throughout Southern Michigan!

Darice Designs – Jan’s webmaster. We have been doing websites for 17 years now and have reasonable prices. We do wordpress, css, html 5, print design, SEO, and also social media.

acolinkirk@gmail.com – if you’re looking for a GREAT editor, then send Andy an email. He edits my newsletter articles and does a wonderful job!

http://www.thebestmanspeech.com/usabestman/display/topical.cfm -Every week Jan writes topical jokes for a wedding toast website. Check it out and put together a great wedding toast yourself. You’ll be the hit of the wedding and you didn’t even pay for the open bar!

Southwest Movers Association – Jan did a show for them – all the movers in the Southwest. Use one of their members if you are moving. . they are reliable, professional, and you won’t have the hassle that Jan did on my cross country move.

Hi-Tech Comedy Interview –  Jan is interviewed about how she uses technology in her career!

www.kentraderspeaks.com – Kent Rader and Jan are performing the Baby Boomer Comedy Show! Kent has 2 keynotes – one is on humor and stress, and the other is on leadership. He is a former CFO of a hospital and an accountant, but don’t hold that against him – he’s funny!

www.frankkingspeaking.com – Frank King is hilarious!  If you want clean, customized, comedy, and you’ve already booked Jan (okay, even if you haven’t). . . then call Frank!

www.BrettLeake.com – Another hilarious guy!  Jan can’t say enough about this guy . . . so she won’t!  Check out his page and book him now!

www.MonteSelby.com – Education’s songwriter! Dr. Monte Selby is an educator, author, and speaker whose practical and inspiring presentation leaves audiences applauding across North America and Europe. Known as “education’s songwriter,”