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My Dog Corpuscle

A Funny Name

Foreshadowing My Future As A Keynote Speaker

–By Jan McInnis, Comedian and Keynote Speaker

Do you know what a corpuscle is? Well my brother and sisters and I didn’t when we named our first dog, you guessed it, Corpuscle. Yep, we named him after a blood cell – his best friend next door was a Lab! (Joking about the Lab, not our dog’s name.) We weren’t trying to be funny. We had no idea what a corpuscle was, but our favorite TV show, “Ranger Hal,” had a bloodhound on it named Corpuscle. We didn’t get the irony (remember, comedy is irony!). My parents played along which meant that my poor mom had to stand on the back steps every night calling the dog in. . . ”Here Corpuscle, here Corpuscle.” I’m sure the neighbors thought we were either some kind of intellectual family of doctors or complete nutjobs. Though I have to say, he was a healthy Corpuscle: he lived to be 17.

I speak at lots of health care events now, so I think naming my dog after a blood cell was some kind synchronicity – you know, when two events happen that don’t look causally related but really are. Okay, maybe it was more like foreshadowing and not true synchronicity but I do think that most (if not all) events relate to some future event. Thinking that things are connected makes me feel better when someone cuts me off in traffic because I just know they’re going to get “paid back” somehow down the line. (Or maybe I’m getting paid back for cutting someone else off. I never thought of it that way!)

I love paying attention to synchronicities because my life seems to be full of unexplainable “events” that lead to other good stuff. I mentioned some of these synchronicities in my book (Convention Comedian: Stories and Wisdom From Two Decades of Chicken Dinners and Comedy Clubs), and about how things just sort of fell into place so that I got into comedy, moved to Los Angeles, etc., but I’ve also had a lot of synchronicities in my personal life.

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