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Looping Through Life

A Comedian’s Observations

–By Jan McInnis, Comedian and Keynote Speaker

My comedy and keynote speaking travel allows me to do things that I really enjoy. . . like hiking and I try to do it whenever I can. I think hikes are a lot more fun though when the trail is a loop instead of just up and back. You wind up back at your car, if all goes well, yet you’ve gotten to see some new sights along the way, and the journey is a lot more interesting.

I feel like my life has been more of a loop than a back and forth trail as well. There’s been plenty of adventure with the comedy career and I generally wind up back to where things started – only I’m in a better place! When I was ten years old I told my parents that once I turned 16 I was going to “buy a motorcycle, ride across the country to Los Angeles and become a comedian”. My parents didn’t exactly share my “vision” so I ended up graduating from Virginia Tech. The night I graduated, I remember looking at my parents during the celebration dinner at the restaurant and thinking, “now is not the time to announce that I want to be a comedian.” So I floundered around into a few weird part-time jobs (telemarketing sides of beef, overnight-store-inventory-taker, and tour guiding come to mind!) until I finally floundered my way into a marketing career. And while I enjoyed my career, I always felt I had never closed that loop on my budding entertainment aspirations.

Fast forward 14 or so years into my day job, and with a few starts and stops and a lot more floundering, I finally worked my way on stage at a comedy club. I did well that night, ended up getting into show business full time a few years later and the rest is history! Okay, that’s the very, very, very short version! After being a comedian for a few years, I decided I needed to head to Los Angeles, and finally, 2 years ago I bought a motorcycle. The loop was complete, though it was exactly backwards and a lot longer from my prediction of motorcycle, Los Angeles and comedian by age 16. But I did loop back and I even found myself in a much better spot then I would have if I had done this at age 16.

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